LifeStyles In 360 Is Digitally Transforming The Way We Learn, Live, Work, Shop, Invest, and Play.

Digital Transformation At Its Best

Digital Transformation via Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, the Metaverse, Web 3.0, and Software Development have impacted every industry, from Health Care, Fintech, Real Estate, Construction, Entertainment, Hospitality, Tourism, Retail, and beyond.

LifeStyles In 360 is a digital platform driven by the Bee2Bee Network. This digital platform project provides Agile Apprentices with a comprehensive introduction to new and emerging industry roles and technologies such as Generative Artificial Intelligence, AI, ChatGPT, Data Analytics, 3D/Digital Twin, Agile Project Management w/Scrum, Digital Marketing, Virtual E-Commerce, Blockchain, Virtual/Augmented Reality, 3D Modeling, 3D/Content Creation, AI/CRM, App Development, User Experience Design, Sofware Testing, Data Architecture, Fintech, Social Media, Video Editing, Drone Capture, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Design, Cryptocurrency, TeleHealth, Cyber Security Innovations and much more. We aim to upskill and deliver trained, experienced, and industry-certified talent for our partner employers’ growing and evolving technology-focused needs across all industry sectors.

Innovative Workforce Development Initiatives Featuring Emerging Technologies such as AI, VR, AR, Digital Twin, & Web 3.0 Helping Employers Across Multiple Sectors Create, Manage, and Expand Tech-focused Apprenticeships.

Agile methodologies enable scaling from one Agile team to 50 or more Apprentice development teams. This platform also provides a user-centric apprenticeship approach, emphasizing user experience and continuous improvement.

Success in today’s “New World of Work” requires cross-functionally skilled team players, subject matter experts, and professionals with more than the ability to code. LifeStyles In 360 signature AI-focused immersive experiences are designed to enhance our daily lives and provide exciting new opportunities in various fields. Embracing this digital transformation opens up a world of endless possibilities.

Through Agile Apprenticeships, we are building pathways for entry-level to experienced workers to achieve quality tech-focused and high-earning careers.

At Agile Apprenticeships, our Apprentices are hired from day one and immersed into a cutting-edge Agile Software Development Center of Excellence. They learn by doing and practicing cross-functional, in-demand, stackable, and transferrable skill sets.

The Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeships Program is dedicated to expanding Registered Apprenticeships in high-demand fields. With a focus on skill development and financial literacy, the program introduced an Apprenticeship Expansion Endowment Fund last year and the Apprentice Coin (Apprentice) cryptocurrency to generate capital for national expansion. Regulatory approval from the Florida Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor underlines its commitment to quality. As an Agile Center of Excellence, The Bee2Bee Network was granted the prestigious destination as one of the industry’s first Registered Education Providers with The Scrum Alliance in 2011. The program’s consortium approach, involving businesses, education institutions, and industry partners, ensures comprehensive collaboration.

LifeStyles In 360: Luxury E-Commerce Redefined

LifeStyles In 360, based in Washington D.C., pioneers a luxury e-commerce platform with AI, Virtual Reality, 3D, and Augmented Reality Elements. Luxury verticals are featured, including Real Estate, Fine Arts, Golf, Telehealth, and Luxury Retail Outlets. The company’s CEO and Founder, Yasmine P. Clarke, is also the Founder of

Launched in 2020, LifeStyles In 360 introduced the world’s first luxury virtual NFT mall, offering a secure virtual shopping experience. Notable brands such as Whole Foods Market, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Aston Martin participated, focusing on safety and white-glove delivery services.

Intersection and Collaboration

LifeStyles In 360’s innovative initiatives intertwine with the Bee2Bee Network and The establishment of The Bee2Bee Network reflects a commitment to sustainably nurturing tech-savvy luxury retail and Web3 development talent. This partnership contributes to workforce development while embracing industry diversity, equity, and inclusion. The company is excited about partnering its signature platform with the upcoming Apple Vision Pro devices and the future where immersive technologies are now emerging in all sectors of industries.


Innovative workforce development initiatives, as exemplified by the Bee2Bee Network,, and LifeStyles In 360, showcase the evolving landscape of education, training, and luxury e-commerce. These initiatives intertwine to create a framework that supports skill development, fosters diversity, and embraces cutting-edge technology and innovation. This cross-functional and collaborative approach demonstrates the potential for positive change within the workforce and luxury retail sectors.

Credits: Article By – Abdulla Ahmed (Alowaini) Alkaabi, Senior Director of Technology Consulting at PwC Middle East

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