Our Unicorn Portfolio of Research Projects, Products & Services

1. The First Virtual Grocery Shopping Platform In The U.S.

In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Bee2Bee Network gained national attention by transforming a community-based food pantry program into a national first responder initiative. Leveraging new technologies from our 2012 VR/AR/AI research project, we introduced The LifeStyles In 360 Virtual Shopping Platform featuring Whole Foods Market.

The LifeStyles In 360 platform allowed online users and residents in Central Florida to walk through a local Whole Foods Market virtually, selecting items directly off the shelves for purchase and delivery, all from the safety of their homes. Additionally, we partnered with Feed The Children to provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and bottled water to homebound individuals, underserved customers in food deserts, elderly consumers, and those with disabilities.

The platform is now recognized as a strategic first-responder and tourism tool as we can now efficiently connect and distribute food and resources across the country, including the Virgin Islands. Walmart Canada, LVMH, and Shark Tank expressed interest in our platform project. As a result, we will be expanding our platform and its benefits in Puerto Rico later this year. Our Registered Apprenticeship model has recently been adopted by national retailers such as Target, which is now utilizing virtual shopping to reach new clients.

Our new AI-enhanced iteration of The LifeStyles In 360 Platform will introduce groundbreaking technological solutions, including healthy cooking demos and the development of a real-time blockchain of organic farms and urban victory gardens. This initiative aims to eliminate urban food deserts across the U.S. by working directly with local vendors and farmers.

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2. The First Virtual Real Estate Brokerage Firm In The U.S.

Before the pandemic, LifeStyles In 360 established the first Virtual Real Estate Brokerage Firm in the U.S. Our first development project, an exclusive $80M listing project, was the Jack Nicklaus Residence Club In Reunion, Florida. See below.