Key Benefits Of Agile Apprenticeships

A Better Way To Hire, Upskill, & Retain Talent

Agile Apprenticeships offer employers a comprehensive solution for implementing technology-focused registered apprenticeship programs. By emphasizing a skills-based approach to hiring and talent development, Agile Apprenticeships also help improve business hiring outcomes. The platform provides a turnkey blockchain solution that enables employers and academic partners to adapt quickly to emerging technologies, including AI and Generative AI, which are increasingly influential in the market. As a result, employers can now effectively navigate the changing landscape and stay competitive with our proven approach.

Agile Apprenticeships also provides our employer partners with access to financial benefits such as local, state, and federal grants to help subsidize the cost to find and train each candidate.

“According to a recent analysis by the Burning Glass Institute, 36 million Americans are currently “stuck”, employed in high-churn, low-wage roles. Often overlooked as “unskilled” or “low-skilled,” these workers are paid in the bottom third of all U.S. jobs. With little incentive to stay, low-wage workers churn from job to job, with a median tenure of just 18 months.

These 36 million Americans represent an untapped reservoir of talent, with skills and experience built in the real-world workplace. Those working in front-line jobs are like stem cells, with many of the capabilities needed for higher-value work if they were just given the opportunity. With the proper training, these workers could take on a wide range of in-demand roles.” Fast Company

Evaluating employees and new hires based on their skill sets instead of just their work history can help level the playing field — and help companies realize the talent they already have. It also makes talent pools more diverse and often makes hiring more effective. More importantly, many states offer tax credits for employing apprentices and tuition support for Agile Apprentices who qualify as registered apprentices. Contact us for more information.

What is the Agile Apprenticeships Approach?

The Agile Apprenticeships approach to workforce development is a way of working that embraces uncertainty, change, and experimentation. It is based on the Agile manifesto principles, which value individuals and interactions, working software, customer collaboration, and responding to change over following a plan. Our Agile approach is not a fixed methodology or a set of tools but a mindset and a culture fostering continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Agile Apprenticeships also mutually benefit our Employer Partners and Agile Apprentice clients by providing the following customized solutions.

  • Effective early career recruiting entails incorporating hands-on experiences beyond evaluating candidates solely based on their resumes.
  • A pragmatic hiring platform that offers on-demand support and practical audition tools for testing entry-level talent. For example, all apprentices are given a 90-day performance evaluation before employer/client referrals. This approach reduces the risk of poor hiring decisions and enhances employee retention.
  • Encouraging and facilitating internal hiring by assisting managers, teams, and busy professionals with identifying, streamlining, and efficiently delegating mission-critical tasks.
  • Enabling employers to mentor and assess potential talent as our team jointly shadows and provides registered apprentices with related training, just-in-time training, stackable skills, industry certifications, and valuable hands-on experience.
  • Complement existing internship and campus recruiting programs by offering year-round opportunities for prospective candidates to engage in experiential learning, tasks, and projects while still taking classes.
  • Like an expert fitness coach, the Agile Apprenticeships program’s pragmatic approach ensures ROI for all employer partners and apprentices. For example, we provide a customized action plan and iterative roadmap that transforms new knowledge into on-the-job best practices for our apprentices and employer partners. As an added employee retention and incentive program, our employer partners also benefit from the program’s turn-key, customizable training modules and curated and diversified talent pipeline, which entails one-on-one guided support for advancing incumbent workers into middle and high-skilled positions.
  • As a critical industry differentiator, the program’s interdisciplinary approach consists of self-organization, collaboration, lifelong learning, just-in-time learning, and continuous improvement in a supportive and principle-based environment. For example, the arts, humanities, healthy lifestyle work-balance practices, and economic/finance coursework-related training are blended into all Agile Apprenticeship programs, fostering creativity, empathy, collaboration skills, and a deeper understanding of technology’s societal and ethical aspects.