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At AgileApprenticeships.com, we understand the practical challenges young adults and individuals with limited experience face in gaining entry to new and emerging high-earning employment opportunities when starting a new career or exploring different industries. As a pragmatic solution, our apprentices are hired from day one. In addition, we provide customized technology-focused experiential learning opportunities via our employer partners that combine classroom knowledge with hands-on practical experience in a professional environment.

Since 2011, we have led tech-based apprenticeships and industry-approved training in software development and emerging technologies.  As the first comprehensive AI, VR, AR, and Blockchain Software Development Registered Apprenticeship Program in the U.S. with the Department of Labor, we operate in 11 states, including New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and 67 counties across Florida. 

Agile Apprenticeships create equitable pathways to develop digital skills. In giving apprentices a chance to earn a salary as they learn and gain work experience, we hope the result is a meaningful experience, a sense of community, and job readiness toward a tech-focused career. Our signature approach is designed so you can explore new career opportunities, learn on the job, apply theoretical concepts, demonstrate technology-based skills, and build meaningful relationships as you launch your career.

One of the unique features of AgileApprenticeships.com is the ability for our apprentices to earn undergraduate and post-graduate college credits. We have partnered with several reputed colleges and universities to allow our apprentices to earn academic credits while they gain practical work experience. This adds value to their apprenticeship experience and helps them progress towards their educational goals. A degree or a certificate can also boost your resume & fill knowledge gaps. Here’s what to consider when deciding which option is right for you…

One of the most pragmatic features of Agile Apprenticeships.com is the immediate investment in new and emerging tech-focused employment opportunities it offers. In the past, most industries required experienced and degreed professionals for entry-level opportunities. Today’s tech-focused workforce of knowledge workers demands a different approach.

AgileApprenticeships.com is also a renowned workforce solution and platform that provides an exceptional opportunity for aspiring apprentices to enhance their skills and gain practical work experience. Our mission is to bridge the gap between education and industry by offering curated apprenticeships that combine vocational training with real-world job experience.

In addition to practical work experience and academic credits, our apprentices can earn industry-recognized certifications. We offer various certification programs to enhance our apprentices’ skills and knowledge. These certifications validate their competence and serve as a testament to their dedication and hard work.

We also believe that learning should be a continuous process, and an Agile Apprenticeships project is one of the most effective ways to acquire career-ready skills. Our apprentices work with industry professionals who mentor and guide them throughout their journey. Working alongside experienced professionals, our apprentices gain valuable insights into the industry and develop the skills needed to succeed in their careers.

At AgileApprenticeships.com, we are committed to providing our apprentices with a supportive and inclusive environment. We believe in empowering individuals to reach their full potential and create a brighter future for themselves. Whether you are a recent graduate looking to gain practical experience or someone looking to switch careers, AgileApprenticeships.com is the career platform for you.

Upon completing the program, Agile Apprentices receive a signature Apprentice Coin, symbolizing their achievement and dedication. Moreover, the Department of Labor officially recognizes their education, experience, and competency investment, ensuring the value and credibility of their accomplishments.

Learn as you earn college credit via our signature Registered Apprenticeship Program, recognized by leading higher education institutions nationwide. We will also work with your college, university, or technical school to ensure that you are awarded credit, which may reduce your student loan debt if you are still in school. 

A New Pathway To Upward Mobility Key Benefits Of Becoming An Agile Apprentice Include:

  • A flexible schedule and an opportunity to learn new skills on the job without student loans.
  • One-on-one career planning, guidance, and support, including curated opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • A chance to apply your new skills within your local community.
  • Discovering new areas of interest and developing new skills.
  • Boosting your resume for college, graduate school, or a new career.
  • Earning up to 27 college credits and industry certifications without student loans.
  • Access to multiple industries, innovative projects, and employment opportunities.
  • Proactive Employer Reference and Referrals
  • Nationally Recognized Credentials

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) regulations for Registered Apprenticeship Programs protect apprentices from discrimination based on specific characteristics. At AgileApprenticeships.com, we ensure that our apprentices are treated fairly and respectfully.


Join us today and embark on an exciting journey towards career success with AgileApprenticeships.com! We are looking for dreamers, doers, and forward-thinkers to join our teams as we reimagine AI and technology-focused Apprenticeships in America.


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