We Are Reinventing Higher Education & The Future of Work Through Our Collaborative & Strategic Partnerships

Agile Apprentice University provides student apprentices with clear pathways that connect education and the workforce—including dual enrollment opportunities and quality advice on how to create the future they want academically, financially, and professionally. Agile Apprentice University also offers proven, technology-focused, and skill-based solutions for colleges and universities to increase career success for students before, during, and after college graduation. 

Did you know that only half of alumni decide on a career before graduation?

Agile Apprentice University Is Reinventing Higher Education

The public is calling on colleges to improve economic outcomes for their
students. As consumer demand gets louder for a tangible return on investment for a degree, and at a time of intensifying competition for students, “career success” is the top reason people give for getting a degree, a new survey of alumni by the workforce analytics firm Lightcast found. Furthermore, in the 2022 cohort, equity gaps are still evident, especially among three high-impact career practices: creating career plans, understanding career opportunities, and networking with employers.

Yet alumni whose institutions helped prepare them for their careers are over twice as likely to say their education was worth the cost. To give students a good return on their investment, institutions need to better equip learners for careers before they’ve left campus–an undertaking that requires defining student success, addressing equity gaps, and understanding how alumni themselves perceive ROI. 

What Is A Registered Apprenticeship?

With the rising cost of higher education, many students are eager to focus solely on their chosen field and develop the knowledge and skills specific to their anticipated career before, during, and after high school and college.

Apprenticeship.gov defines an apprenticeship as “an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally recognized credential.”

Agile Apprenticeships are registered and certified with the Secretary of Labor under Section 1 of the National Apprenticeship Act. We also ensure that our registered Apprentices receive the best-related training curriculum on the market from the best instructors in the industry. More importantly, many states offer tax credits for hiring apprentices and tuition support for Agile Apprentices who qualify as registered Apprentices. Contact us for more information.

Key ROI & Business Value(s) of Agile Apprenticeships :

Agile methodologies, often associated with software development, emphasize flexibility, collaboration, and iterative progress. Agile Apprenticeships in technology-focused, skilled-based education are designed to offer students a hands-on, real-world learning experience utilizing new and emerging technologies such as AI, VR, AR, and Web 3.0. Agile Apprenticeships typically involve a combination of classroom instruction and practical, project-based work with industry partners and sponsors.

The Agile Apprenticeships signature tech-focused registered apprenticeship program can complement traditional diploma and degree programs across all majors in several practical ways:

  • Hands-on Experience:
    • The Agile Apprenticeships Program provides hands-on, real-world experience in a tech-focused environment. This practical experience enhances the theoretical knowledge gained through most traditional academic programs.
  • Industry-Relevant Skills:
    • Agile Apprenticeships focus on developing skills directly relevant to their specific industries. This ensures that our apprentices graduate with the practical skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen field upon completing the program.
  • Professional Networking:
    • Agile Apprenticeships offer opportunities to build a professional network within the tech industry. Interacting with industry professionals, mentors, and fellow apprentices across the country provides valuable connections that can open doors to job opportunities and collaborations.
  • Mentorship:
    • The Agile Apprenticeships model often includes mentorship components where apprentices work closely with experienced professionals. This mentorship provides guidance, advice, and support as apprentices navigate their early careers and beyond.
  • Agile Methodology Exposure:
    • As an Agile Apprenticeship program, we expose participants to Agile methodologies commonly used in the tech industry. This experience with Agile practices and principles is increasingly valuable in today’s fast-paced and dynamic work environments.
  • Project-Based Learning:
    • Agile Apprenticeships involve working on real projects, allowing apprentices to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios. Our signature project-based learning approach helps in developing problem-solving skills and the ability to work on real-world challenges.
  • New Career Pathways:
    • The program provides a structured pathway into the tech industry, offering a clear and practical route for individuals to transition from academia to the professional workforce.  Our approach has proven to be particularly beneficial for those seeking a more direct and efficient entry into the workforce.
  • Earn While Learning:
    • Unlike traditional academic programs, Agile Apprentices earn a salary while learning.  Our approach helps alleviate financial burdens and traditional barriers associated with attaining higher education, making the transition from student to professional more seamless.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility:
    • Agile Apprenticeships are designed to be adaptable and flexible, aligning with the dynamic nature of the tech industry and our apprentices’ career goals. This adaptability ensures that all apprentices are equipped with skills that remain relevant in a rapidly changing technological landscape.
  • Continuous Learning Culture:
    • Agile Apprenticeships’ Tech-focused apprenticeships foster a culture of continuous learning and support during and beyond program graduation.  This mindset is crucial in the tech industry, where staying updated with the latest technologies and methodologies is essential for career growth.
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